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Short term car insurance for learners

Learner drivers aged between 17 and 40 can apply for comprehensive insurance for practicing driving in someone else's car. Policies last for between seven days and 140 days and they are taken out in the learner's name so any accidents which may occur should not affect the owner's no claims bonus. The conditions are as follows -

1) The car must be owned by someone else, and must remained taxed, insured by this person and MOT'd throughout the insured period.

2) The learner should be accompanied at all times by someone aged between 25 and 72 who has held a full UK or EU driving licence for a minimum of three years, and who is legally capable of taking the wheel on a public road if necessary. This could be a friend, relative, neighbour or the actual owner of the vehicle.

3) The vehicle to be insured should not have a value of more than £25,000.

This type of insurance means that a learner can gain valuable, cost effective experience in someone else's car - usually that of a close friend, or parent. Studies show that, coupled with effective driving lessons, this extra practice creates safer drivers who pass their driving tests much more quickly. So, why not get a quote now!